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Starting Sooner: Supporting Healthy Gender Development in Preschool - A friend of mine from my days in Brooklyn came to visit recently. My daughter, who’s 3 and a half, had met her twice before when she stayed with us, but asked me this time, “Is Yoga (our nickname for my friend) a boy or a girl?” The question excited me, maybe because I had an answer. (That’s increasingly rare lately.) There’s nothing specific that would make my daughter think Yoga wasn't a woman, but her question was a sign that she may have had some discussions in her preschool class about gender identity. Read more

November 21, 2016 - Kids VT


Enriching the lives, bodies, and minds of preschoolers - “Children of all ages step right up…be amazed, enchanted and amused.” This is the sentiment behind enrichment programs in early childhood education. They encourage preschoolers to step out of their comfort zone, learn a variety of new skills, and engage in some of the wonders of the world. These programs, when done effectively, provide interactive, in-depth exploration of a vast array of topics and subject areas. Annette’s Preschool focuses their enrichment programs on the passions of their teachers and the interests of the children, and this combination takes them down many unexpected paths. Read more

March 5, 2015 - The Citizen


Hinesburg children read together, support girls’ education in Africa - Nearly 100 preschool and school age children joined together for a Hinesburg community book read of “Where Are You Going, Manyoni?” by Catherine Stock in January. This beautifully illustrated book tells a story of a young African girl, Manyoni, and how she travels barefoot every day on her two-hour journey to get to and from school. Page by page, the book richly illustrates the African veld, its animals, and its culture in a developmentally appropriate way for children. Read more

February 12, 2015 - The Citizen


Andrea Sambrook shapes young minds - For over three decades, Annette's Preschool in Hinesburg has entertained and educated local (and not-so-local) youngsters. Two years ago, Andrea Sambrook bought the childcare facility and a year ago she became the director... Read more

October 15, 2014 - The Citizen


Being Green Has Big Payoff for the Littlest Sprouts - We protect our children from the winter winds with warm coats, from the burning rays of the sun with hats and rash-guard suits, and from risk of accidents with safety car seats. But what children smell, taste and touch in everyday lives can also have negative impacts on their nervous system and physiologial growth. Read more

February 20, 2014 - Hinesburg Record


Preschool collaboration brings Storywalk to life in Hinesburg - Need another reason to get out and enjoy the town’s parks? A new outdoor family activity, perfect for families with young children, is here in Hinesburg – Storywalk! Originally conceived of by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, Storywalk is a literary experience for those who love books and the outdoors. Each Storywalk is created by volunteers at the Kellogg Hubbard Library in Montpelier from two copies of a favorite book, each page carefully laminated and prepared with Velcro so it can be displayed one at a time on its own wooden stake along a nature trail. Pairing books with natural experiences along the trail adds to the intrigue, as “Stella, Fairy of the Forest” did for preschoolers and their families at Geprags Community Park over the recent Thanksgiving break. Read more

February 5, 2014 - The Citizen


What Makes a Child Want to Learn? - How does a parent know when their child is ready to learn new things? And what are the right things? As the child’s first teacher, every parent tries to provide the best opportunities at each step of the way. It begins with knowing how the pitch of the first contented coo or giggle differs from a whine or cry, what signs indicate fatigue, what foods will comfort a sick child, and what is the song or silly game that is guaranteed to bring a smile when spirits are down or knees get skinned. Read more

December 5, 2013 - Hinesburg Record


Legislative House Party draws early childhood advocates - Annette’s Preschool on Pond Road in Hinesburg hosted a Legislative House Party on Nov. 20 with speaker Kelly Ault, from the Vermont Early Childhood Alliance. The evening event provided information about the Promise Campaign, an initiative to raise public awareness of the importance of affordable, quality early care and education and to engage stakeholders and legislators to advocate for increased Child Care Assistance Program (CCFAP) investment during the 2014 legislative session. The core members of the Alliance (formerly Kids Are Priority One) are Building Bright Futures, Vermont Family Network, and Voices for Vermont’s Children. Extended members also include individuals, organizations, businesses, and agencies in the areas of Childcare, Early Education, After School, Healthcare, Faith Community, Military, Food Security, Housing, Anti-poverty, Safety, Parenting, Anti-violence, Advocacy, and Business. Read more

December 5, 2013 - The Citizen


bracelet made from soda tabs

Kids “Make Their Mark” Doing Community Service at the Clubhouse - Building a sense of community is a developmental asset in children that the Clubhouse (at Annette’s Preschool) takes seriously! Staff at the Clubhouse, the after school program serving kids 5-12 years on Pond Road in Hinesburg, have responded to students’ interest in community service by initiating a program with the children called “Make Your Mark”. bracelet made from soda tabs This program started with children taking on projects to improve their own center, such as raking leaves around the school, refinishing furniture, and making toys for the younger children in the school. As children participated, the program grew and they began to see a bigger picture of the world, and were inspired to help others outside of their school by creating recyclable jewelry bracelets and donating proceeds of the sale to local agencies like the Humane Society. The clubhouse kids have stated how proud they are when they see their direct impact! Children who help out in their community build strong, positive connections with others that continue on until adulthood. For more information about the Clubhouse, contact Lisa Guerrero at 482-5986 or email

November 19, 2013


Annette’s Preschool hosts legislative house party - In an effort to support and advocate for the Promise Campaign of Vermont, Annette’s Preschool is hosting a community legislative “House Party” on Wednesday, Nov. 20, from 6-8 pm. Please join us for a night of rich discussion with local legislators on the importance of quality and affordability in the world of early education. Join together as a community to speak on early childhood education as an investment–rather than a cost. It’s an opportunity to discuss with legislators the struggles of affordability and ask that they increase the 2014 Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) investment proposals.

November 14, 2013 - The Citizen


What makes a child want to learn? - How does a parent know when their child is ready to learn new things? And what are the right things? As the child’s first teacher, every parent tries to provide the best opportunities each step of the way. It begins with knowing how the pitch of the first coo or giggle differs from a whine or cry, what signs indicate fatigue, what foods will comfort a sick child, and what song or silly game is guaranteed to bring a smile. Read more

November 14, 2013 - The Citizen


Annette’s Preschool hosts parent forum - A presentation by Andrea Sambrook, former director of research and education at Gesell Institute of Child Development, will take place at Annette’s Preschool on Wednesday, Nov. 13, from 7-9 pm. Sambrook will present on the stages of typical child development for three- to five-year-olds with parents and share research from a nationwide study she directed at the Institute. Presentation will include discussion with preschool teachers about learning experiences appropriate for each age. For those who attend, there is a raffle to win five tickets to the Polar Express Adventure in Burlington; several copies of “The Polar Express” will be raffled off courtesy of Brown Dog Books, co-sponsor of the event. Read more

November 6, 2013 - The Citizen


Annette’s Preschool welcomes new Director of Youth and Family Programs - The Clubhouse and Annette’s Preschool in Hinesburg announced Tricia Pawlik as the new Director of Youth and Family Programs. This new position was created to expand programming for school age children at the early care and education center (serving children age 6 weeks to 12 years) and to develop new programs for the growing number of young families in the greater Hinesburg area. Read more

October 17, 2013 - The Citizen


Roads can be rebuilt, lost opportunities cannot - I think of Vermont as a place where the promise of every child is realized. As the owner of one of Vermont’s 5 star early care and education programs that supports the health and development of our youngest citizens each and every day, I know that quality matters. That is why I am joining families from Annette’s Preschool on Oct. 5 from 10 am-12 pm, to attend the community Chutes and Ladders Event on the state capitol lawn in Montpelier... Read more

October 3, 2013 - The Citizen


Annette's Preschool grows with new owners - With a three-pronged approach to early-childhood education as their mission, Andy and Andrea Sambrook assumed ownership of Annette's Preschool in Hinesburg earlier this year... Read more

August, 2013 - Champlain Business Journal


Annette's Preschool achieves 5 STAR rating - Smart Start Academy and the Clubhouse After School Program at Annette’s Preschool in Hinesburg is pleased to announce its 5 STAR rating in Vermont’s Step Ahead Recognition System (STARS) for their early care, preschool and after school programs... Read more

July 31, 2013 - The Citizen

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