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Pre-K Preschool Program

We are proud to announce Annette's Preschool Partnership with both the CSSU (Chittenden South Supervisory Union) and ANESU (Addison Northeast Supervisory Union) Early Learning Partnership Program! This publicly funded pre-kindergarten program provides the children with an education using the Creative Curriculum Goals & Objectives as well as the Vermont Early Learning Standards. By following these best practice standards of early education, we not only provide weekly observations and assessments online, but we also refund your child's tuition twice a year. We have achieved these partnerships through our continued high standards of quality, proving our Preschool Program to be one of the most successful in the preparation and readiness of our children for the academic and social expectations of kindergarten!

Through the CSSU Partnership, we offer a publicly funded Pre-Kindergarten Program to children ages 3-5 that reside in the towns of Charlotte, Shelburne, St.George, Hinesburg and Williston. In 2012, we refunded each parent/guardian residing in Chittenden South towns a total of $2600 for their child's year of tuition.

In addition, our newest partnership with ANESU helps us to offer a publicly funded Pre-Kindergarten Program to children that in their last year prior to Kindergarten (age 4 by September 1st) that reside in the towns of Bristol, Starksboro, New Haven, Monkton, and Lincoln. In 2012, we refunded each parent/guardian residing in Addison Northeast towns a total of $1060 for their child's year of tuition.

These partnerships have served as an incentive for both teachers and parents to collaborate together to provide our youth with the Smart Start they deserve! Below is a bit more information regarding the specific classes that fall under these Preschool guidelines.

The Preschool Program is broken into three classrooms based on age group. However, all classes follow the Vermont Early Learning Standards, a spin off of the standards used by local school districts, as well as the Creative Curriculum template for their assessments. The Creative Curriculum assesses children twice a year, once in the winter and once in the spring. This assessment is complete with a developmental rubric which places children on accomplishment steps based on 50 defined goals/objectives. Based on these formal assessments, observations, and interactions with the children we hold parent/teacher conferences bi-annually as well.

Parents of the Preschool receive monthly newsletters at the end of each month that summarize what they have been working on, fun highlights of the month, and projects/field trips that they have partaken in. In addition, these newsletters inform the parents of upcoming events and lesson plans. These help to encourage and support that school-home connection that Annette's Preschool is so proud of.

Lastly, all classes sponsor monthly slumber partiers that are themed and open to children ages 3-5. These sleepovers begin on a Friday night at 5:30 p.m. and go until Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. These sleepovers include dinner, breakfast, activities, supervision, and LOTS of fun from the childrens' teachers that they know and trust! It's such a great experience for families, children, and the teachers!


Welcome to the Tree Frog class! Since kindergarten is now visible on the horizon, our classroom offers your little one the opportunity to build upon and develop the skills expected by the public school system. Our little Frogs range from three to four years old, and as we all know, this is the age of blossoming independence, budding curiosity, and a thirst for any and all knowledge! Our main goal is to help your child navigate the bumpy road ahead, and to always be there with open arms and a reassuring smile! As your child’s teachers, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your child has the safety, support, guidance, and resources that he or she needs to thrive and flourish!

The curriculum used in the Tree Frog classroom is very play and child based. Children learn best through active hands-on play, and are more likely to focus on and retain information related to topics that they are interested in. Throughout the year, we talk as a group to generate a list of “Things We Like,” which we then use as a spring board for our math, science, literacy, and art activities. Embedded within each of these areas, we are building upon each child’s knowledge of the alphabet, recognizing letters and numbers, counting, writing, reading, social skills, and so much more! As in the other preschool classrooms here at Annette’s, we work closely with the Vermont Early Learning Standards, and also use the Creative Curriculum and GOLD assessment tools.


The Jaguar Class offers your little ones an exciting leap from those terrific toddler years into the promising passage of preschool! Our classroom is set up in such a way as to provide various centers to provide learning through “play.” These centers include a Math/Science area, a Reading corner, Blocks and Cars, a Kitchen and Dress up area, Sand table and sensory bin, and an Art area, with many other daily choices, including much outdoor play. At this level, we maintain high expectations for students’ self-autonomy skills, as well as growing socially and as individuals in a setting that begins to fortify routines and instructions as a preparation for school years ahead. We include daily circle time that incorporates stories, discussions, songs and dances, calendar, and weather.

The curriculum we create for our class is largely based on the Vermont Early Learning Standards and the Creative Curriculum, with a lot of flexibility to generate new and individual ideas. Often we spend the first half of the year learning about different themes, including seasons and weather, our community helpers, holidays, Fairy Tales and nursery rhymes. The second half of the year focuses primarily on alphabet knowledge as a springboard for relevant games, activities, and stories that are fun, varied, and cover a range of topics- from animals, to sports, to cooking, and more! Much of what we include into our daily curriculum involves pre-literacy skills (book knowledge, alphabet, word sounds) and math and number concepts, as well as having a constant focus on positive social interactions and safety.

We are the flock right before Kindergarten!


For the past 3 years we have cycled through 3, year-long thematic units. A 50 States curriculum, The United States Presidents Curriculum, and this year, Toucans Around the World! Each Unit lasts from September to June and follows VELS (Vermont Early Learning Standards) which align with the Vermont Learning Standards followed in Vermont Public Schools-Kindergarten. These units offer experience in learning centers, provides activities, and includes play that involve math, science, history, art, and literacy skills.

The learning of a Toucan is assessed using Creative Curriculum-GOLD. This is an assessment also used by public schools in our district and is based on a child’s development in 50 objectives. A copy of this assessment is given to parents twice a year; once in the Fall, and once in the Spring, during parent conferences. A copy is also given to the child’s upcoming Kindergarten teacher in June.

In April, there is a meeting of the local Kindergarten teachers with the Toucan teachers as we discuss the strengths of each child, who the child works best with (for placement), and if there are any areas of development that need extra support. It is important to have a strong collaboration between a child’s early learning experience and the Kindergarten classroom. Once a learner, always a learner!

Team Toucan Teachers

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