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Annette's Preschool is a  5 STAR program

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Annette's Preschool has been an integral part of the Hinesburg community for over 20 years now! Located between Addison and Chittenden Counties, it has given a Smart Start to generations of children from Hinesburg, Bristol, Starksboro, Monkton, Williston, South Burlington, Shelburne, Charlotte, and Richmond! These generations have touched our lives here at Annette's Preschool and in return we have been, and will forever be, committed to enriching the lives and educations of every child we meet.

Our Preschool is open to children from 6 weeks to 12 years. We have designed our program with three different levels to accommodate the appropriate cognitive, physical, social, and emotional needs for different developmental stages. The programs are the following: Infant/Toddler, Preschool (Pre-Kindergarten), and School Age. Located within these links will be information regarding our goals, curriculum, assessment tools, physical space, and any other information pertinent to a specific stage of development.

Comments from 2014 Parent’s Survey

  • “Great programming, good balance of routine, structure, and freedom to explore, great understanding of child development and what is appropriate as far as expectations.”
  • “Annette's is great! Our child loves going to school and the staff is warm and friendly.”
  • “We love Annette's. Without them our children would not get everything they needed to grow up and be confident responsible and loving. My family is so grateful to have such a wonderful place to send our children. I also love that they try to stay on top of what the little ones will need to be successful in kindergarten.”
  • “Annette's provides a diversity of experiences to children, offering so many learning opportunities. The staff are competent and caring, and I feel incredibly comfortable leaving my children in their care while I am at work. When I see the facilities and all of the things the children are learning and experiencing, I feel confident that we made the right choice.”
  • “Wonderful place with great staff who care a lot about my child. I would recommend them to anyone!”
  • “Growing and changing for the good!”
  • “They have a quality program with quality teachers. They offer many learning enrichment opportunities...art, music. And, the night out events provide parents with an opportunity to enjoy some time alone.”
  • “The teachers love to be at work and are truly vested in teaching and taking care of my kids.”
  • “Our child loves being there and the teachers clearly care about the kids and are very affectionate with them. It's great to know our child is well looked after.”
  • “My son seems very happy there. His teachers now are wonderful!”
  • “It's their style- ecofriendly, beautiful outdoor playground, music classes, involved in the arts, and nice people.”
  • “Annettes is a 5 star education that helps foster and promote excellence!”
  • “Highly reputable in the community, strives for excellence in the school and community. The teachers truly care about the children in their program.”
  • “The teachers our children have are talented and really look at them as a whole person not who they are on any given day.”
  • “The teachers are wonderful! They truly understand child development and they love my child!”
  • “I have seen wonderful improvements and changes and think the future bodes very well for children and families at Annettes.”
  • “I am quite pleased with my son's progress that he's made since starting at Annette's. He has become more confident and social. His teachers and the owners have been great. I also appreciate the hours that work well with my schedule.”
  • “I think Annette's is a very affordable option where we love the teachers and feel our child has fun learning, playing, and making friends.”
  • “The teachers put the kids first, it is a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.”
  • “Annette's has helped V.. improve her social skills and she is a much happier child since she started there.”
  • “Very family oriented and fun place for children”
  • “The teachers are great and my child has lots of fun”
  • “My son loves it”
  • “Excellent school. Great staff.”
  • “Very welcoming, professional atmosphere”
  • “Excellent staff and curriculum. My child is very happy to be there every day!”
  • “A welcoming preschool with teachers that are trained in child development that creates a wonderful community for the parents as well.”
  • “Experiential learning. Hands on”
  • “Annette's has a great relationship with the school district and works with them to identify what children now need to be ready for Kindergarten. They then stay focused on the daily curriculum to achieve this result.”
  • “Great program with educated staff.”
  • “I've said this before: to actual people at a party and in previous surveys. When people comment to me how it seems like my son S… always has a smile on his face, I can honestly tell him it is because of the love and care he's gotten is ENTIRE life at Annette's! His amazing teachers have helped him develop and grow and have helped him through some tough times.”
  • “Great teachers”

Download a summary of the 2014 Parent Survey HERE ()


At Annette's Preschool, our philosophy of early childhood education is based on two very strong beliefs. First and foremost, our staff believes that each and every child is a unique individual capable of learning and success! We provide an inclusive setting that recognizes and caters to children's varied abilities, needs, and learning styles. We believe that to create such an inclusive setting, we must provide the children with balance.

In addition, our staff believes that young children thrive and learn best in an environment that is nurturing, stimulating, and provides a variety of developmentally appropriate experiences and materials intended for the “whole child”. We believe that children learn best through meaningful play and exploration, and encourage a balance of child-centered activities with teacher-instructed curriculum. Our programs integrates curriculum that encourages social, physical, emotional, and creative growth. We believe in positive language, active problem solving, appropriate and defined limits, and positive consequences for desired behaviors.

As teachers it is our duty to serve as positive role models and facilitators, to create empathetic and caring classrooms, and to stay updated with our trainings and certifications to ensure best practice. We believe in the power of love, understanding, acceptance, exploration, autonomy, and balance.


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